AdVantShop.NET at User Group Microsoft meeting

.NET-developers meeting supported by Microsoft was held in the Moscow Microsoft office on March 4, 2010. ITM Company presented the report on «ASP.NET E-Commerce Solutions Developing».

Kamil Kalimullin, ITM Company CEO, overviewed the existing e-commerce solutions and revealed the market segmentation based on the technical means (ASP.NET and PHP). To clarify the main issues of e-commerce he gave some hints on creating the online store on ASP.NET platform.

The report was based on the experience of AdVantShop.NET developing – the e-commerce solution designed by ITM Company and used successfully both in Russia and overseas.

The report was focused on the main points of online-stores developing as well as on the requirements of customers and online-stores administrators. Some issues of using payment gateways and delivering were also covered.