We'll create a unique project of any volume and complexity.  Everything from a small e-shop to a large trading site!

Please contact us and describe the project of your dream. We will make this dream come true!

Steps of Project Development:

Claim an estimate

  1. A list of requirements to project functionality and design.

    You'll need to fill in a small brief form and describe the details of desired project.

    We will create a technical assignment based on your brief description. It will include all your requirements and suggested features.

    Finally, we will provide you with the estimates of work scope, costs and timeframes.

  2. Project Design and Programming.

    The next step is design creation and programming.

    We create layouts of pages in accordance with the technical assigment and the project discription.After your confirmation of a certain page layout, the design is integrated into the project. Then we create the main functionality features of the project.

  3. Project Testing and QA.

    The QA step of the project is meant to indicate possible critical bugs and malfunctions of the projects. The testing is performed both automatically and manually. We check all the functional features of the project and fix bugs.

  4. Porject Integration.

    The final step is project integration. The integration process takes time and includes several milestones - data transfer, how-to-work-with-the-project instructions and manuals, project final user testing, project acceptance by the user and the final examination.

    As a result you get a fully operation solution customized for your business and detailed documentation and manuals for it.